Resistance Bands


The Savannah Spencer Fitness Resistance Bands are the best quality bands on the market. I have tried, tested and snapped them all, hence why I decided to create my own. Finally no pinching, rolling or uncomfortable exercises. With my bands you won’t need to invest in fancy home gym equipment or expensive weights, the resistance alone is enough to help tone, sculpt and even build muscle. Even if you already go to the gym, add them to your workouts for muscle activation and extra resistance. Aimed at all levels, my bands come in sets of 3 different strengths, light, medium and heavy, trust me, you don’t need any extra weight when training with my bands. They also come in 2 different lengths, short bands – ideal for legs and glutes exercises, and long bands – ideal for full body workouts, all of which can be found in my app. Whether you’re training at home or throwing them in your travel bag, I find these bands extremely effective and versatile. A true game changer, get yours today!