I have been coaching women for over 7 years, specialising in weight loss, muscle shaping, booty building and ‘snapping back’ post baby.

I combine all of my skills and qualifications to bring you something truly unique, a complete mind, body & soul transformation.

Level 3 certified Fitness Coach & Personal Trainer

Certified Nutrition Coach

Certified Life Coach Diploma

Level 3 Pre & Postnatal Exercise & Nutrition Coach

In-app 1:1 Online Coaching

My most popular and requested service is 1:1 online coaching, which isn’t surprising given the results my clients achieve.

1:1 coaching is now better than ever as you get to experience full personal access to my app, everything is at your fingertips and I mean EVERYTHING. Whether you want to workout from home with zero/minimal equipment or if you want to explore a new world of gym workouts, I tailor all workouts around you. Weekly check ins for accountability, progress monitoring, feedback and navigating your week ahead, these are just some of the benefits of my coaching.

Nutrition is built exactly to meet your needs and goals, yes there is more to life than chicken and broccoli! I am always available for you to contact as and when needed. It is always my goal to help you to the best of my ability, using all of my knowledge and skills to help improve your health, mindset, habits and lifestyle. Come and see what all the fuss is about.

Glow & Grow with Savannah Spencer Fitness

A question commonly asked throughout my 7 years of coaching, “Can I workout whilst pregnant?”.. YES!! A popular misconception that training should stop when you fall pregnant, or that you shouldn’t start exercise if you hadn’t trained prior to conception. As long as you are healthy, feeling up to it and run it past your doctor first, the list of benefits for you and your baby is endless. I am living proof having created this program during my third pregnancy (and my healthiest to say the least!) because I also believed the myths during my first two pregnancies.

All exercises are modified safely for my pregnant mamas at an intensity that YOU are comfortable with.

You will also receive a pregnancy meal plan and pregnancy nutrition guidance to keep you and your growing baby healthy.

I will be here to guide you through the changes within each trimester and you will find me and bump in-app at each stage of your pregnancy, trust me, I can relate. We are in this together, let’s get it mama!

PowerHouse – 12 Weeks Home Workout Program

Tap into the ultimate 12 week home training program to get you into shape without the hassle of finding the time, childcare or even motivation to get to the gym. You may lack confidence to even step foot in the gym, whatever it may be I’ve got your back.

Ready to take home workouts to the next level? Come and join me in-app.

The Building Program- 6 Week Gym Based Program

The next-level gym based training program, aimed to build muscle, gain confidence and create new habits ALL in 6 weeks. Beginner, intermediate or even advanced, I will guide you step by step with everything, from using machines to performing exercises in a way you may have never come across before, all to maximise your results and to up your gym game.. I am basically a PT in your pocket! You will learn how to fuel your body with the right nutrition to ensure you get the best results with an easy to follow meal plan. Ready to make a change? Come and join me in-app.

Resistance bands

The Savannah Spencer Fitness Resistance Bands are the best quality bands on the market. I have tried, tested and snapped them all, hence why I decided to create my own. Finally no pinching, rolling or uncomfortable exercises. With my bands you won’t need to invest in fancy home gym equipment or expensive weights, the resistance alone is enough to help tone, sculpt and even build muscle. Even if you already go to the gym, add them to your workouts for muscle activation and extra resistance. Aimed at all levels, my bands come in sets of 3 different strengths, light, medium and heavy, trust me, you don’t need any extra weight when training with my bands. They also come in 2 different lengths, short bands – ideal for legs and glutes exercises, and long bands – ideal for full body workouts, all of which can be found in my app. Whether you’re training at home or throwing them in your travel bag, I find these bands extremely effective and versatile. A true game changer, get yours today!

Short bands set – £32

Long bands set – £35